Simon T. Bailey
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 Be the Spark


In today’s competitive business world, there’s no place for lackluster performance, half-brilliant contributions, or low-burning customer service. You have the opportunity to Be the Spark for your company, customers, and employees, and this book will teach you how.


Brilliant Living: 31 Insights to Creating an Awesome Life


Ready to shift your life into high gear? Tired of waiting for something to happen? Then you're ready for brilliant living. In this book, Simon holds a magnifying glass to the eight facets of your life—and gives you lessons to enhance each core area. Launch into your new brilliant life today.


Releasing Leadership Brilliance:
Breaking Sound Barriers in Education


Move your school or district from mediocrity to brilliance. This book combines expertise on education and business to help school administrators reach new heights of achievement. Unleash imagination, resilience, and hope.


Shift Your Brilliance


This book is your road map. It's your call to action. You'll be given strategies to make every day a brilliant breakthrough. Unearth your passions and talents to harness the power of you.


Release Your Brilliance: The 4 Steps to Transforming Your Life and Revealing Your Genius to the World


We are all born brilliant, but over our lives that brilliance is buried by people, circumstances, and experiences. Through four simple steps, learn how to rediscover your special talents and let your inner brilliance shine.


Success is an Inside Job & Brilliant Service is the Bottom Line


Success is not significance. Money is not meaning. Power isn’t purpose. This book combo serves it straight: Being significant is the ultimate goal and memorable experiences are your bottom line. You’ll learn how to increase your self-worth and net worth, create a life that’s abundant and meaningful, and create transformative customer experiences for a cult-like loyalty.


Meditate on Your PERSONAL Brilliance


In this eBook, Simon offers 52 personal-related positive affirmations - one for each week of the year - that will guide you to reignite your life.


Meditate on Your Professional Brilliance


In this eBook, Simon offers 52 business-related positive affirmations - one for each week of the year - that will guide you to exceptional individual and organizational results. 


Brilliance in a box


Brilliance in a Box is a collection of Simon’s bestselling books, including Be the Spark, Shift Your Brilliance, Brilliant Living, Release Your Brilliance and the combo book Success is an Inside Job & Brilliant Service is the Bottom Line—all packaged in a gift box for you to enjoy or to give to someone you care about.