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Simon's learning and personal development programs enlighten audiences and align team goals. Simon's custom-tailored programs unlock an individual’s potential, accelerate self-awareness, and ultimately transform an organization’s culture.




While organizations today face many challenges that include the economy, demanding markets and stakeholders, competition and growth, the greatest challenge today is tapping into the talents of employees so that they become “assets with facets.”

To contribute to the success of your clients, your partners within the organization, and your team, you must first know how to bring out the best in yourself.  Team members who are self-motivated, productive, and engaged in their work are not only able to bring out personal brilliance, but are able to bring out the brilliance in others as well.  Operating in their “Brilliant Zone”, they release brilliance in their teams and reach out to the brilliance in their organizational partners, bringing about higher levels of performance.

Attendees will learn to use their own strengths, those in their teams and others, and develop core skills for how to partner with others to contribute to higher levels of productivity, and conquer new frontiers through brilliance!

For audience members of all vocations, ambitions, and experiences.




Business change is moving at the speed of light. To keep pace, organizations need individuals who will raise the bar on their performance and reset their mindset. The leadership skills of yesterday will not carry the day in the new and continually evolving economy. As the business landscape changes in the midst of gender parity, #MeToo, pay equity and diversity and inclusion, so must we and experience the Vuja de moment. This is the opposite of déjà vu and an invitation to let go of what is comfortable and convenient in order to embrace what wants to emerge.

Collaborative problem-solving will win over tradition. And being solution-oriented is forward-looking thinking.  Forward-looking thinking must permeate throughout the corporate culture. You are being invited to shift and embrace new methodologies to survive, compete and thrive through the demographic, technological and regulatory marketplace changes that are affecting businesses now, and increasingly escalating. 

Technology clearly is playing the largest role in this new business climate. McKinsey & Company forecasts by 2025, automation technology innovations will assume tasks now performed by 250 million knowledge workers worldwide, freeing the remaining workforce to devote time and energy to more creative pursuits. No one is immune to these predicable changes. To stay relevant and ensure your company stays competitive, even the most tenured employees must reposition themselves and revitalize their role.  This will take a mindset reset. This mindset reset is powerful, critical and essential. The traditional winning formulas of yesterday will not hold up against the technology solutions that will continue to automate “traditional” business processes.

Simon T. Bailey addresses the critical strategies that allow you to stay relevant in every economy, while escalating your power and impact.  He will share core principles for acquiring a forward-looking mindset, while guiding participants in how to uncover and discover the insight needed to be a leader for the future.

For audience members of all vocations, ambitions, and experiences.




Taking a page from the Undercover Boss book, how can you first establish a culture where everyone feels that he or she matters and plays a vital role in the success of the team? Everything I know or have seen and studied comes down to this timeless evidence-based truth: Culture + Connection + Customers = Revenue.

A leader’s objectives will likely always be tied directly or indirectly to revenue, profit or the bottom line. However, the process to get there always begin with Culture. Culture is created by leaders when they foster conditions that are suitable for growth and through what many would call random acts of kindness (love) that produce emotional experiences for team members.

Using our SPARK model, Simon shares that these acts should be anything but random. These are intentional moments that collectively become the glue for team loyalty, inclusiveness and cohesiveness. These acts can be taught and operationalized in any organization. This enables a business to be purposeful about team bonding or delivering honest and candid feedback (good or bad) in a respectful, authentic way that motivates and supports.

Simply put, Brand the Moment – How to Establish a Culture Where Everyone Matters can be summed up in 3 simple takeaways. These 3Cs begin and end with brilliant leaders who brand the moments for both employees and customers.

These leaders:

  1. Establish a Culture where everyone matters.
  2. Create a deeper Connection with talent.
  3. Spark a relationship with Customers for life.

For audience members of all vocations, ambitions, and experiences.




If you’re unforgettable, you’ll create a customer for life. And in this service-driven economy, every moment is an opportunity.

In this presentation, Simon leverages what he’s learned over 30 years of working for six different companies, including the Disney Institute and The Ritz Carlton Learning Institute, to create memories that matter. Simon leans on evidence-based research to provide tried-and-true methods that work for everyone—from account directors to Uber drivers.

Participants will learn that superior customer service is a connection, not a product. You will be empowered to see customers as guests, create a personalized experience, anticipate needs, respond immediately, and capture loyalty through kindness. You’ll be a spark in that guest’s memory.

Customer love is a mindset. Simon has the tools to teach you. He’ll help you create a culture where everyone matters and people are invited to be their best selves. You’ll transform from good service into platinum service, and every customer will be one for life.

For audience members of all vocations, ambitions, and experiences.




Sometimes happiness is where you are. Sometimes happiness is elsewhere. Wherever your calling may be, Brilliant Living dares you to pursue your dreams.

Simon’s role is to help you grab the steering wheel. You’ll be given a guide to assess the eight traits of being your most brilliant self. Using the lessons learned from working with 1,500 organizations over the past 15 years – and Simon’s personal moments of reinvention – you’ll be nudged to live life on your own terms, make a change, and do something exceptional.

Participants will leave with an increased capacity to be confident in their careers and lives. You have a choice: Be average – or dare to be BRILLIANT!

For people ready to instill change and passion in their organization, peers, and life.




Releasing Leadership Brilliance enables educators to shake up the outdated systems in today's educational system. Through an engaging keynote presentation, Simon T. Bailey teaches his methodology for effective educational leadership at schools, districts, and for professional organizations.

Administrators, faculty, and staff all contribute to creating an optimal learning experience for students—and this program was created with all promising leaders in mind. Using the forces of flight as a metaphor, attendees will learn about the four cornerstones of leadership that will break your school's sound barrier—and realize limitless possibilities.

This program will teach you that authentic leadership in the educational system requires complete involvement from every educator. It's time to give your school purpose. Create an environment that's as promising—and innately brilliant—as your students.

For audience members of all vocations, ambitions, and experiences.