My Favorite Ways to Create Abundance



Creating abundance for others, in turn, generates abundance for yourself and those around you. Here are my favorite ways to pour into others during the holiday season:

Give of your finances. 

One of my favorite charities to give to is the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. They help homeless people who seek shelter, provide meals and educational opportunities. 

Another of my favorite ways to give is through I’ve shared this organization with many of my friends, and it’s been a wonderful experience for everyone. The organization screens people who have a need, and you can to give to them anonymously. You receive an email back explaining how your gift benefited the person’s life.

Give of yourself.

Write a letter to a friend or loved one telling them what they have meant to you. Send it to them via email, or go old school and put it on good old-fashioned paper. Whatever you do, express to them how much you appreciate and value them. (This exercise is also proven to make you happier. Check out An Experiment in Gratitude: The Science of Happiness.)

A fun and personal idea is to record a video on your phone or smart device. Send it to your children, grandchildren, or perhaps a person you haven’t seen in a while. Surprise them and give them a video Christmas greeting. 

Whatever you do, find a way to help the least, the lost and the forgotten around you. Whether it’s a homeless person, or someone you need to reconnect with, you’ll be creating abundance for everyone involved.

Simon T. Bailey