3 Steps to Ignite a Fresh Vision

Football player and later coach, Homer Rice, once said, “You can motivate by fear. And you can motivate by reward. But both of these methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self-motivation.” Rephrasing this a little, you won’t be able to accomplish much if you don’t discover what motivates you on the inside and drives you to achieve personal success. A great example of this is comedian Ken Jeong, best known as Ben “Senor” Chang on Community and Chow in The Hangover. Despite his apparent enthusiasm as an actor, he had to study and work as a doctor for years before becoming a celebrity. Despite being forced by his family to become a physician, Jeong always envisioned himself as an actor. Despite interning at local HMO clinics, Ken would shift his brilliance at night to moonlight at comedy clubs. It was this drive that made Dr. Jeong known as one of the best comedians Hollywood has today.

While Ken Jeong’s motivation was his love for acting, yours may stem from something else altogether. Some people get out of bed because they need to earn, want to leave the problems they have at home, or simply love what they do. However, not everyone realizes what truly motivates them.

Take for example Diana, a copywriting specialist. Every day, she would leave home at exactly 8am to get to work and start her day with a client’s project. At first, she believed that she was driven by the handsome pay she got annually. After a raise, however, she didn’t become as happy as she expected. A short time later, with a little soul searching, she discovered that she was actually motivated to write because she liked having her words make a difference. This made her shift her brilliance from focusing on quantity to ensuring high quality and articles that made an impact.

To ignite a fresh vision and shift your vision accordingly, follow these three necessary steps.

  1. Simply ask yourself, “Why are You Doing This?” - You need to answer this very truthfully because the answer will determine your next move: emotional commitment. Once you understand what motivates you, everything you say and do will be directed to achieving that goal. As a result, you’ll become more confident and definitely satisfied as you control your present and future.
  2. Plan a Course of Action – You should step back and evaluate what you have been doing so far to let your brilliance shine through. Assess the actions linked to your inner motivation and determine which allow you to showcase your brilliance more effectively. Also, come up with a few suggestions that improve how you tackle things and actually help you experience a ‘brilliant moment.’
  3. Become Open to Change – A vision can’t stay the same throughout; you need to adapt it according to your surroundings and situations. So you should be open to change and be accountable for it. The latter is necessary to ensure your full commitment.

Be Brilliant my friend...I wish for you a life of freshness and full of fresh vision!