Restart Your Engine – Know When to Take a Step Back and Start Again

Author J.K. Rowling calls herself the “biggest failure I knew”. She studied for a BA in French and Classics at the University of Exeter, just for the sake of a degree, after being rejected by Oxford University. Her work as an English teacher for ESL students and short-lived marriage to an abusive Portuguese journalist drove her to depression, especially since she had a child to take care of as well. However, it’s from this mess that Rowling tapped into her brilliance and produced her masterpiece, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first of a series of books that would launch her career as a novelist. Rowling also is a great example for restarting your engine, the last step to shifting your brilliance.

Why You Should Restart Your Engine

Life is hardly a scripted scenario where things go the way you want. Despite your efforts to control your fate, you may not be able to make your destiny work the way you want it to. However, rather than breaking down because things seem to be going against you, you need to step back and restart your internal engine to regain the courage to move forth and re-shift your brilliance.

So if your last relationship or career move backfired, you need to restart your system to get back on track. If this is your first time, consider this a major shift from whatever was holding you back to the new future you’ll control.

How to Carry Out this Step

To ensure that life’s obstacles don’t get in your way to the top, you need to make a few changes and take a few steps. Here are five suggestions you should definitely try.

  1. Let Bygones Be Bygones – In order to shift your focus on a new future, you need to stop mulling over the old past. Keep your eyes on the goal and forget about the hurdle that set you back.
  2. Remind Yourself Why You Started – It’s really easy to lose your way when you have faltered, but you should quickly get back on track to avoid losing your goal altogether.
  3. Come up with Strategies to Cover the Time You Had Wasted – You need to step back and re-think the strategies that got you to your current “bad place.” Once you learn from them, bounce back with a fresh set of strategies and make sure that they help you compensate whatever time you had lost while down.
  4. Make New Connections – One of the best ways to make a fresh start is by connecting with new people. You need to have fresh minds around you to inspire you and help you achieve your aims.
  5. Be Patient – If you had lost everything you had worked for within a small fraction of time, don’t expect to rebuild even half of it within days. You need to be patient and motivated to start re-building what was lost and restart your internal engine.

Remember: everyone has their ups and downs. However, you shouldn’t let your time below affect your ability to climb up again. Simply remember to restart your engine and get your brilliant juices flowing to succeed.