Fuel Your Mind – Gear Up to Shine

Finding your brilliance before shifting to it is one of the most challenging games you can play in life. However, in the words of Albert Einstein, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Therefore, to excel and allow your brilliance to shine, you need to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. When it comes to shifting your brilliance, your preparation comes in the form of fueling your mind. For a fire to shine bright, it needs the right type of fuel. Similarly, for your mind to flaunt its brilliance, you need to fuel it by learning new things, whether it’s from books, observations or your own life experiences. Strike that; you should learn whenever, wherever, and from whomever. Take, for example, two employees named Ted and Jeff.

Ted is the kind who joins conversations and listens deeply while observing everything, starting from his boss’ body language to the way his superiors email clients. On the other hand, Jeff sticks by the rules he learned in business school and stands by his ideals rather than listening to others and analyzing their ideas.

While discussing a problem with the company’s accounts with a colleague, Ted was inspired to find a solution. As his goal was to get promoted quickly to a post where his voice would be heard, he made sure to collect sufficient data to support his theory and waited until his superior seemed at ease before suggesting it to him. This ensured Ted’s promotion, whereas Jeff remained in his post, sulking and wondering what he lacked.

Jeff deprived his brilliance from shining by not learning new things and meeting people. Who knows? Maybe the person Ted talked to could have been his mentor or the muse to a similar, if not better, idea. Therefore, you need to develop high-grade relationships as you advance towards your future and find a mentor who can guide you while exploring the new vision you set for yourself.

If you’re interested in fueling your mind and flexing your brain’s muscles, here are three tips you should live by.

  1. Work on Your Verbal Intelligence – To get your reading, writing, speaking and conversing skills to take you places, you need to cultivate your verbal intelligence. This can be done through reading books, playing word games, or simply participating in conversations and discussions.
  2. Develop Social Intelligence – Learn more about people, who you should talk with, and how to tackle different people. This will allow you to choose the right connections that can help your brilliance thrive.
  3. Find a Mentor – You need to have someone brilliant whom you can mimic or be inspired by before you take your own steps toward shifting your brilliance. You can talk to someone in this regard or observe how they function to understand their brand of brilliance.

With these three in mind, rest assured that your journey to shifting your brilliance will continue on the right path.