Where’s Your Oomph?

Hello Oh Brilliant One, how are you? I’ve been thinking about you and I want you to know that no matter what you are responsible for in life, accelerate your actions above and beyond what is expected or required. It’s really possible.

In other words, do you have “drive and oomph.” This is energy, spirit, and enthusiasm for what you are doing and becoming.

Meeting expectations simply isn’t enough anymore. If you’re only doing what is required, are you doing your best? Not likely. Doing the bare minimum translates to average, mediocre – just like everyone else. Bare minimum is weak.

Where’s your is oomph? I know it’s inside of you.

Without passion, or fire in your belly, then a job is just a job.

A marriage is just two roommates sleeping in the same bed, sharing bills while living under the same roof.

A business is simply something to do instead of something that makes money and creates meaning at the same time.

But when you find your oomph, you find your joy, and when you find your joy, you find freedom. And when you find freedom, you find your chutzpah.