How Simon’s Trainings Created My Snowball Effect of Success

My time spent learning and working with Simon can best be described as having a snowball effect: the idea that as a small snowball rolls down a hill, it picks up more and more snow until it turns into a giant snow boulder--with much more power and force than when it first started. I recently reread an article I wrote about a year and a half ago titled Unstuck: My Journey with Simon T. Bailey. In the article, I cited Simon’s first training for, Building Business Relationships, as the catalyst for tremendous professional growth.

That training taught me how to create visibility for myself from a position in which I felt stuck and unseen. I learned that there’s always something you can do to work around your perceived limitations. I went from thinking, “Well, my company doesn’t work that way,” or, “My boss wouldn’t let that happen for me,” to thinking, “I can work around these obstacles.” I started to see the ways I could make things happen for myself, and I began to act on them, one step at a time.

I ended that article with the sentence, “I can’t imagine what the next year will look like.” And boy, I really couldn’t have. I would never have dreamed of the things I am working on now--just a year and a half later. It has all happened based on one good habit, effort, attitude, misstep, stretch project, and relationship at a time. With each step, I picked up more snow.

Since that first training, I had the pleasure of working closely with Simon while he produced his second training for and LinkedIn Learning, Finding a Sponsor. Through that training, I learned how to build and leverage a very specific work relationship: a sponsor. After Building Business Relationships, I had established a personal Board of Directors that acted as my mentors, but I did not understand the difference between a mentor and a sponsor, and why you need both.

When I was up for a promotion that would move me out of my current position into my dream department, the first person the Vice President of the new department called was my sponsor, who was highly respected within the organization. Fortunately, I had cultivated that relationship exactly as Simon explained in the training--I mean, exactly. My sponsor gave me a glowing recommendation.

They didn’t even interview anyone else for the position. Seriously.

Fast forward to today: I received that promotion at work, built an extensive network within my organization, and have created a more impactful and fulfilling life both inside and outside my organization. As a consequence of the work I have done based on both of these trainings, I now regularly attend meetings with Vice Presidents and am about to begin work on a project with our organization’s president.

Guys--I can’t make this stuff up!

I am living and breathing proof that if you follow Simon’s advice, put it into practice, and keep at it, you will build more and more positive momentum until you can’t believe all the amazing things that are happening in your life all at once.

I’m still learning from and working with Simon, so I’ll end this article the same way I ended the first one--I can’t imagine what the next year will look like.