Chasing Wisdom – The Brilliance of Professor Sam Certo

“In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that, I learn from him.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the best ways to learn and build a diverse perspective is to mine the brains of the successful people around you. Whether it’s your friend, a parent, an educator, or someone you end up chatting with at the grocery store, everyone you meet has a different knowledge base and way of looking at the world.

I am constantly learning from the brilliant and successful people in my life. Recently, one such person, Professor Sam Certo from the Rollins College Crummer MBA Graduate School, invited me to go to lunch. I quickly agreed; I was anxious to drink from his fountain of wisdom.

As we placed our orders, I asked him, “After 30 years of teaching in higher education, consulting, and updating the 15th edition of Modern Management: Concepts and Skills (first published in 1980), what are three lessons you have learned about business?”

He paused and effortlessly began to download his sage but simple insights.

Always be willing to work. Work hard. Work smart. Don’t take any shortcuts. Be known for doing excellent work.

  • Relationships are the foundation of everything that you will do in life and business. Cultivate them. Never take them for granted. Give instead of always looking to receive.
  • Patience wins in the end. Never give up. You are closer than you think when it seems as if nothing is happening. That is when everything is happening. In a world of microwave promises, no one wants to wait anymore.

He’s distilled much more of his insights into a book he’s written titled Chasing Wisdom – Finding Everyday Leadership in Business and Life. It offers a fresh look at the duality of business life and Christian beliefs. Chasing Wisdom draws out the relevance of Christian teachings in today’s business world using Biblical principles to help the reader navigate real-world business challenges. (He also has a podcast by the same name.)

While the book takes a Christian approach, the experiences and insights outlined are universally applicable. I highly recommend checking it out. Your mind will be expanded as a consequence of his message.