My List of Top 10 Success Talks

One of the ways I continue to mine my inner brilliance is to develop myself wherever and whenever I can. I am always traveling, so finding time to sit down and focus on development materials can be a challenge, to say the least! Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to feed my brain whether I’m in the car, at the airport, or driving to go pick up my kids. If you’re not listening to podcasts, you’re missing out. Whether you listen to podcasts a lot or have no idea where to begin, one absolute must-subscribe-to series is Success Talks by SUCCESS.

This podcast features interviews of some of the world’s most successful and engaging entrepreneurs and thinkers, including Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Daniel Goleman and more. I like that the diversity of thoughts on this podcast gives a wide range of perspectives, which is so important to crafting an expanded worldview. I highly recommend it as one of your go-to podcasts.

If you don’t know which episode to listen to first, here’s my list of the top 10 Success Talks that you HAVE to hear this summer.

  1. Episode 92 - Seth Godin on Picking Yourself: Did you know that Seth Godin started more than a dozen companies, most of which have failed? Tune into episode 92 of Success Talks to learn more!
  2. Episode 18 - Jim Rohn on How Happiness is an Art: Short on time? In about 7 minutes, Jim Rohn explains how you can weave your own happiness.
  3. Episode 27 - Simon Sinek on How We are Better Together: Simon discusses his newest book, “Together is Better,” which shares a message of inspiration through illustrations.
  4. Episode 50 - Kendra Scott on Building a Family Friendly Business: Hear how entrepreneur Kendra Scott created a business around her passion and lifestyle.
  5. Episode 62 - Marc Cuban on Living Successfully: Marc Cuban had a long road before achieving brilliant success. Listen to his story about what it takes to live successfully.
  6. Episode 87 - Jack Daly on Why to Quit Selling: Jack Daly explains, “People do not want to be sold; help them to buy.” Learn how this philosophy can increase sales in your business.
  7. Episode 5 - Daniel Goleman on High Performance through Emotional Intelligence: Whether it’s watching the news or cyber-bullying, former psychologist and best-selling author, Daniel Goleman, explains how our emotional states can affect our performance at work.
  8. Episode 99 - Anne Sweeney on the Power of Curiosity: The co-chair of Disney Media Networks and President of the ABC family of television networks explains how people who are curious will succeed because they always push themselves harder than you could ever push them.
  9. Episode 86 - Ray Kurzweil on the Power of the Human Mind: Recipient of the $500,000 MIT Lemelson prize, futurist, author, and director of engineering at Google, Ray Kurzweil understands more than anyone how to be innovative and forward-thinking.
  10. Episode 77 - Steve McClatchy on Gain vs. Tasks: Productivity isn’t an 8 to 5 obligation, it’s a way of life. Listen to entrepreneur and author Steve McClatchy explain how gain tasks are different than pain tasks.

What are YOUR favorite podcasts? Comment below and let me know!