Five Reasons Why Every Person Needs a Mentor

The well you drink from is the well that you think from and, eventually, it is the well that you become. This is the first thought that comes to my mind as I think about the impact of Dr. Myles Munroe on my life. He was the mentor to the mentors. I miss him, and my life will never be the same again. Do you have a mentor? This is someone who challenges you to be better than ever.

I first met Dr. Munroe when I was, at best, a floor lamp of diffused energy being pulled in a million different directions. I was purposeless, demotivated, and quickly becoming an annoying echo instead of an original voice. His prolific writing watered the garden of my mind and helped me understand that at times in life you have to be replanted into a new garden of thinking for your leaves to bloom.

There are five reasons why every person needs a mentor:

Close the gap in your learning and execution. The mentor has experience in certain areas where you are lacking. They have been where you are attempting to go and can teach you the shortcuts to solving problems and finding solutions.

Challenge you to be a multi-dimensional thinker. My mentor understood that within every brain there is a mind, within every mind there is a mental model, within every mental model there is a shaper, and within every shaper, there is an agenda. His agenda was to stretch my thinking. On one occasion he made this statement: “Every product is a child of purpose. In other words, before any product is made, there is a purpose established in the mind of the manufacturer that gives conception to the idea that becomes the substance for the design and production of the product. Thus, purpose precedes production.” Is your head spinning? Mine was as I tried to wrap my brain around his thought process. A mentor should stretch your thinking until your brain hurts.

Readers are leaders and leaders are readers. Dr. Munroe was an avid reader. He would share what he was reading and how it impacted his thinking. I watched him and realized that if I was going to be a world-class thinker that I had to read beyond Sports Illustrated and GQ magazine.

Listen more than you talk. I will never forget attending a dinner with another mentor, Dr. Mark Chironna, Dr. Myles Munroe, and several other people. I sat watching these extraordinary individuals share their insight. However, when Dr. Munroe started talking, you could hear a pin drop and no one moved. He shared from a deep well of profound wisdom with an enlightened global worldview that was music to my ears. There was no need for me to talk. I just needed to listen.

Relationships are more important than money. Our last time together was when one of Dr. Munroe’s best friends, Bob Harrison of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA, invited me to speak at a conference in California, USA. For the first time, I was sharing the stage with my mentor, Dr. Munroe. I was both nervous and intimidated. Somehow, I got through the 45 minute presentation. Dr. Munroe was the closing speaker. When he finished his remarks, he felt led to pray for a few people. I was in the back, minding my business, and somehow ended up at the front of the room. Dr. Munroe spoke an inspired word to me in front of 500 leaders from around the world. This only happened because of the relationship that I had with Bob Harrison.

I am convinced, after my encounter with Dr. Munroe, that everyone needs a mentor. Whoever speaks into your life has your ear, and their counsel will determine if you live a fulfilling life.