Let Go of What Works

It is obvious that you should let go of what doesn’t work. It’s not serving you. But what about letting go of what works?

If you don’t let go of what has always worked and start to move toward what will work in the future, what works for you now will be what isn’t working for you later.

I had a conference call this week with the CEO of a company that I’m going to speak to in a couple of weeks. 

In preparing for this upcoming engagement with a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate, I asked the CEO what he wants me to share with the team. 

The first thing he said is: he needs his team to be unreasonable.

And I asked, “What does that mean?”

He said, “We can no longer settle for the status quo. We can no longer operate with a business-as-usual mindset. We are getting market share eaten out of our business every single day. Just because you think things have always worked, clients have said yes, and we’ve increased prices, doesn’t mean those clients are going to say yes forever.”

This CEO was saying: let go of what works now in favor of what will work later.

You’ve got to be unreasonable in your efforts, see yourself as an entrepreneur and really own your business, your life, and your relationships.