Intentional Inclusivity – The Genius of Super Bowl 50

This year, I had a chance to enjoy #SB50 with a dear couple and their 8 year old son, who is a child prodigy. He is already “wicked smart,” multi-talented, and very funny.   We enjoyed the opening of Lady Gaga’s epic performance of the national anthem to the clever ads from companies looking to score more points with consumers.

Steve Harvey’s lighthearted way of making fun of himself for the Miss Universe snafu was priceless.



  However, what I enjoyed the most about Super Bowl 50 was the Halftime Show. It wasn’t just the musical performances of Coldplay, Bruno Mars or Beyonce. They are brilliant artists that are at the top of their game.

  The deeper message of unity through song was demonstrated when all three artists came together.


This powerful imagery of a diverse group of entertainers singing together in perfect harmony was heart-warming—despite exclusionary thinking still existing in some industries.

  Here’s the reality: the future of the world is more inclusive than exclusive.

  Generation Z doesn’t think “us vs. them,” “me vs. we,” or “those people vs. all of us. “

  The Instagram photo of Apple Martin (Daughter of Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Actress Gwyneth Paltrow) and Blue Ivy (Daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z) walking side by side at Super Bowl 50 just like big sister and little sister is a snapshot of the future.

  It’s an awesome photo that says…

  “We need each other to survive and thrive.”

  We can no longer marginalize others who do not come from our ethnic circles.

  Be intentional about respecting everyone, even if you don’t agree with them.

  Tanner, my friend’s 8 year-old son, was watching our positive reaction to the halftime show and he totally got it.


I could see him downloading the experience into his heart and mind. Somehow, I just know that he is going to make the world an even better place.