The First Step to Creating Your Own Tomorrow

When facing a problem, you have two choices: follow the same steps others took before you or utilize your natural brilliance to come up with a new approach. If you choose the first option, you willingly agree to lock away your brilliance until life throws more challenges to break you down. On the other hand, by taking a different path, you show the world who’s in control and ultimately learn to mold your future. A great example in this regard is that of Steve Jobs. When the music industry was suffering badly due to illegal downloads, Jobs refused to stay on the sidelines like other companies while services like Napster thrived. Instead, he launched iTunes, a digital content service that charged for music and was accessible for iPod users. This drove more sales towards Apple while helping the music industry recover some of its losses. To this day, the wheel of innovation that Jobs started whirling continues to move at great speed thanks to his ability to see differently during his lifetime.

However, during his life and before gauging the results of his brilliance, Jobs was among those who were called crazy, misfits, rebels, and troublemakers but managed to make a major impact on the world. This is because they didn’t wait for things to come their way; they used logical thinking and went ahead to make their future as bright as they craved it to be.

Take the example of David, the CFO of a well-established financial organization in Texas. David was just a regular account manager when he first started at the company. However, he always examined problems from different aspects before coming with innovative solutions that helped the company boost its productivity and sales. This innovation allowed him to plan a path towards a successful career, which meant that he was able to control his future in the present.

If your ability to see differently is relatively foggy, here are three tips to help you develop this habit and ensure your success.

  • Don’t follow the trends; make your own. You’re not a robot, so don’t follow the coding given by others. Assess the solution a little and see how you can come up with a different angle to it.
  • Rather than focusing on success, be it in the form of getting a higher post or more money, try finding significance in everything you do. This will make things more personal, driving you to tap into your brilliance.
  • Believe that you’re the one who can control the future rather than the other way around. This will allow you to make different decisions rather than the generic ones that come to your mind first.

So, get ready to see the world differently in order to become the master of your future.