Three Ways to be Unforgettable

My friend, in the future you will be paid for the experiences you create and the difference you make. Guess what? The future is right now. Simply meeting demands and sticking to a tried-and-true formula just won’t cut it these days.

In your business and life, you must be unforgettable.

  • Unforgettable is essential.
  • Unforgettable is the magic word, the Holy Grail.
  • Unforgettable is the answer.
  • Unforgettable is also achievable.

A paycheck is given to someone who shows up. Opportunities are given to those who go beyond what they are paid to do. Men and women who go beyond what they are paid to do are simply unforgettable. They are always looking for ways to positively increase their impact and, subsequently, there is never enough time in the day to accomplish all that they set out to do.

Here are three ways to be unforgettable:

1) Conduct a comprehensive, 360-degree internal assessment of your life, starting with the people you associate with on a daily basis, and the questions that they are asking you, and the ones that you are asking them.

It’s time to really understand, “what is the return on investment?”

  • What are you gaining from the relationship?
  • How have they made you a better person and how have you helped them grow?
  • Where are you going in life?
  • What’s working in your life and what’s not?

Knowing you have only three seconds to make an impression, pay attention to details – the way you answer the phone, the look and feel of how you enter a room, how you market or promote yourself, the way you dress, etc.

2) Understand that in business and life you are a storyteller. Simply put, it’s the story you co-create with everyone in your life that builds your personal brand.  Everything that you do is a story that lives in the hearts and minds of others.

What do I mean? Here’s an example. After checking into a hotel recently, room service delivered a nice assortment of cheeses and some wine. Lovely, right? The problem is, anyone who knows me knows I’d much rather have milk and cookies – snack food. After sending the wine and cheese back and revealing my preference, I later returned to my room and found a wonderful assortment of Zapp’s potato chips and soft drinks. I have to admit, I savored every single bag of those amazing chips and thought about how great the service at that hotel was the whole time. The point is, what started out as nice became more – it became a moment, it became a story I love to tell.

So, what stories are you creating?

3) If you’ve done it, re-think it. If it’s the same old, same old, replace it. If it doesn’t move you emotionally, then it won’t move anyone else. What do I mean by that? Look at everything you do differently, question every process, imagine the unimaginable, go for the gold!

The choice to create unforgettable moments is a daily decision. Choose wisely.