Creating a Culture of Customer Love

There is a shift on the planet where great customer service has morphed into customer love.  Sites like Pinterest and Houzz have opened our collective eyes to the sheer beauty of the creative ideas the world has to offer. But bringing those concepts to market is another story.

Beauty and creativity are magnets for consumers, but they require a driving force, a blend of inspiration, fun, and fantasy to match when you are launching a business based on imaginative ideas and products.

Follow along with these real-time examples of fresh and different companies dedicated to bringing memorable experiences to their customers through truly caring about their needs and delivering nothing less than 100 percent customer love!

Marie Forleo has customer love down by delivering wisecracking advice to a global community of rabid followers of her books, website, and Emmy award-winning show MarieTV, which is dished out in a loving yet kick-ass style. Named one of the top 12 online marketing and lifestyle experts in the world, her driving passion is teaching valuable marketing lessons to help millions of fans create a business and life they love.

Marie has attracted high-caliber attention from the likes of Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jay-Z, Sir Richard Branson, and many other celebrities. This woman dishes out customer love, and everyone loves it! Check her out – Marie Forleo An overnight sensation, Drybar is a spirited hair blowout company.

With a menu of blowouts and killer hair products, this franchise is spilling customer love with 45 minutes of hair-raising style designed to make your locks gorgeous.

Its menu is a take on alcoholic drinks with offerings like the Mai Tai, Uptini (up-do), and Southern Comfort, and they even have a Shirley Temple for the little locks. “Pick Your Poison” is their calling card, with a tagline that reads, “No Cuts. No Color. Just Blowouts. Only $40.00.”

Need a Dirty Martini party for your best friend’s birthday? The Drybar team will arrive with drinks and blowouts for a customer loving party. Drybar has an award-winning crew pulling all this off, and they are rocking cities from coast to coast. It’s awesome – The Dry Bar Sweetgreen is a destination for healthy, organic food sourced from trusted local farmers.

It was formed on the core value of creating meaningful connections every day from farm to patron. This startup wants your food also to be aligned with your values, so every Sweetgreen location strives to create meaningful relationships with each customer and the local community through giving back. And every employee is entrusted to be the face of the restaurant.

Sweetgreen also encourages continued inventiveness. For example, one team member came up with a wonderful idea for showing their customers the love. As a result, employees can be found in cities from California to Virginia doing “random acts of sweetness.” You might catch Sweetgreen teams handing out gift cards in recognition of people they see doing good things for their communities. They’ve been spotted tucking gift cards onto vehicle windows to cover a parking ticket, saving the owner the downer of getting a ticket. And, if it’s raining, you might find a shower cap on your bike seat with a gift certificate underneath!

Creating a culture of customer love is backed by proven psychological research revealing that it triggers a feeling of reciprocity in the bequeathed, with a high likelihood of earning that person’s loyalty for a long time. Sweetgreen’s tactics have the sales figures to back the value of customer love. The business has current revenues of $10 million to $15 million in sales—which represents 300 percent growth every year since its inception. The Sweet Green

These three companies represent customer love at its finest. What can you do in your company or business to create the customer love mindset? I believe this is one of the greatest opportunities in business. Go for it.