5 Ways to Hack Your Sales Style

How many times have you encountered a salesman trying to shove his products down your throat without giving any consideration to your needs and preferences? It is not uncommon to find people attribute sales professionals to simply a group of people who exercise ways to force customers into buying their products or services without giving any regard to ethics. It is for this reason many customers feel skeptical about purchasing items unless they have good reviews from their friends or family members. Others often feel cheated and betrayed, and as a result, the word-of-mouth marketing for such firms tends to be very negative. For sales professionals, this is bad news. While honest businessmen may deem it inappropriate, it is often misunderstood that this is the only way sales function can work. This, of course, is not true if the sales reps can learn to start connecting with their customers instead of simply selling them items in the conventional manner. “Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy” - Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz CEO and founder

Be genuine One of the first tips sales professionals need to learn is to first be genuine. The age-old saying ‘be yourself’, is the cornerstone for being able to give your customer or client a good impression. You are not expected to give a carefully calculated, highly professional pitch without making any unnecessary pauses. This is not the ‘Apprentice’ or ‘Shark Tank’. Customers are inclined towards human relationships and part of that lies in approaching your customers like you would your own friends or family members. Show sincere interest Another important method for connecting with your customers is to show sincere interest for them. It is important that sales professionals give customers the necessary attention in finding out their interests, background, and other information that is useful for fostering good relations. Showing interest is one of the easiest ways of getting the attention of your customer or client. You should also find out if they are looking for the particular product or service you are selling and under what conditions and circumstances they would be most likely to use the product or service. Give authentic compliments Sales professionals should also not forget to give compliments where it is due. Honest and sincere compliments like ‘hey, I like your coat’ or ‘that hairstyle really looks nice on you’ can go a long way in being liked instantly by your customer or client. However, one must be careful not to conflate flattery with praise. The former is insincere while the latter is not. So one must be aware not to give compliments without being sincere as your tone of voice and facial expression will reflect it. Your customer will see it and will consider you dishonest and only interested in selling. Don’t be needy It is worth pointing out that you must not be too nice for that would defeat the purpose of connecting with people. Any sign of being too friendly and your customer will see it coming. Many sales professionals, in their effort to speed up the sales process, try too hard to impress their customers, become too friendly and desperate to be liked. The key is to show interest and simply wait for it to flow, not force it. Tweak your rapport according to the customer Sales professionals need to give the right ice breaker/sales pitch balance for it to flow seamlessly and naturally. Many a times, sales professionals give no consideration to building rapport and jump straight to the sales pitch. Others, on the other hand, would focus too much on rapport building and not leave enough time for informing their customers about the product or service. This right balance is not static; rather, it will vary according to each client or customer. This is where sales professionals need to do their own homework by finding out what the person is like so that the right balance can be given.

End on a high note Sales professionals need to realize that a successful sales pitch is reliant on a successful exchange of positive emotions and thoughts. The more human the sales pitch is, the higher the sales growth and influx of new customers.