4 Ways to Make Customers Love Your Brand

Having spent a decade with The Walt Disney Company, it’s no wonder the idea of service brilliance is deeply engrained in my leader fiber. During my time with Disney, I learned that understanding and responding to the needs of customers is at the core of creating the kind of brand affinity and loyalty that transcends generations and even supersedes the economy or price point. I’ve seen families save for years, pile in a car and travel long distances to happily stand in long lines in the dead heat of a Florida summer. Why? Because they are made to feel good while they’re there. The Center for Customer Driven Quality at Purdue University reports that 90% of American consumers form their perception of companies based primarily on service experience. Customers buy more frequently, make more transactions and are willing to pay more per transaction when they deal with companies who provide them with a superior service experience. On the other hand, we all know what happens when a business disappoints a customer!

To become a brilliant brand that focuses on “Service Brilliance,” every team member must feel a significant sense of personal ownership. From the front line to the executive suite, Service Brilliance is all about re-enlisting heads, hearts and hands to create internal alignment, brand longevity, and customer loyalty. What is the result of Brand Brilliance? A company full of CBOs (Chief Brand Owners) unleashing a fresh way of thinking about customer service. Start a process that will transform your organization’s culture into one that consistently delivers Brilliant Service. Teach your team members how to achieve Brilliant Service from the inside out and adopt it as a way of life.

Here are 4 ways you can take your Service Brilliance to new dimensions:

  1. Live it: Accept personal responsibility for delivering exceptional service and doing the right thing for customers, not because one has to, but because one wants to. View it as a privilege, not a responsibility!
  2. Become it: Become creative, innovative, and proactive in anticipating and satisfying customer needs. Make this a part of who you are!
  3. Spread it: Form a powerful force of brand champions for your organization. Make your commitment to Service Brilliance infectious!
  4. Imprint it: Velcro your brand to your customers by focusing on meaningful personal connections rather than stale customer interactions. Wow them!

Brilliant Next Step:

Commit to an action step this week for each of the 4 ways to show your Service Brilliance:

  1. Whether your position is customer-facing or not, think about what you do in your role daily and commit to do one thing this week to personally be a Service Brilliance ambassador.
  2. Repeat the affirmation: “It is my pleasure and a privilege to extend myself in fresh, creative ways to make each customer I encounter today feel good.”
  3. Think about how your team can extend better Service Brilliance to the other departments you work with and rally a team of colleagues to help implement these service ideas.
  4. Creating Service Brilliance is sometimes about customer recovery. Think about ways you can go out of your way to recover trust and loyalty of an internal or external customer who might not have had the best experience with you or your team in the past.