5 ways to develop crucial business relationships that last

Relationships underpin businesses. Whether it is a strong relationship with its suppliers, customers, shareholders,or even the local government, building and maintaining successful relationships with them is what allows a firm to establish its integrity and trust, and grow overall. However, due to the dynamic environment in which firms operate today, building relationships is no longer limited to making sales calls or having face-to-face meetings.

Complex organizational hierarchies, the presence of the online platform and multiple stakeholders, all have made it far more difficult than before.

Here, we will delve into some of the ways through which businesses can develop and sustain important business relationships over time.

1. Keep a lookout for key influencers

Before you seek to develop business relationships, it is important to know which people will be critical for the effort. Successful people who have a large following tend to have the most leverage in spreading awareness about your business or brand, and can add a lot of credibility to your business profile.

These are known as key influencers, and approaching them for building and sustaining business relationships can catapult your business to enormous success. You can identify successful and established influencers in your industry through social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and through your own personal contacts.

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