What problem have you been created to solve?

In the newsletter* this coming Sunday, I’ll be sharing the questions I was asked by the Gen Z students at Crooms Academy of Information Technology, a technology magnet high school in Sanford, Florida. These students blew me away, and they are already being offered internships with some of the most notable information and tech companies in the world. 

I was impacted by the power and benefit of this early immersion into the workforce for these students. They now have a better idea about how to tailor and craft their college experience to create the futures they want for themselves.

You might have heard of “take your children to work” day. I think we need to change that to “immerse the next generation into the workplace every day in every way.” Here’s how you can get started:


If you’re in business for yourself, don’t overlook high school talent. They might be the very solution that you need at the most cost effective price. They are also the most pliable minds you can influence for what you want to accomplish.  


Hiring high school interns is a good way to introduce them to the world of work and give them an opportunity to kick the tires early in their professional career before they even go to or graduate from college. 


For too many years, we’ve asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” If you have a teenager in your house or in your family, the most important question you should be asking them is: what problem have you been created to solve? 

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