Your Q1 Spring Cleaning

WOW! We are already nearing the end of the first quarter of 2018. This week your three learning bursts are focused on how you can bring this quarter to close with intention, and set yourself up to kill it in the second quarter (and the rest of the year).


Identify who your best clients were in the last quarter. Reach out to them with a pay-it-forward gesture. Share something with them that will make their business grow. Surprise and delight them with a gift, a note, or something memorable. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays) to send them something. Take them by surprise.


Write down all your accomplishments in this first quarter. Then decide how you will approach your leader or manager to give them a quarterly update about your progress instead of waiting for a mid-year or annual review. You tally and keep up with the results of your work and the difference you’ve made. In a world of algorithms, automation and autonomous cars, you have to be the creative spark to inform your workplace about what you’re doing to stay relevant. 


It’s spring cleaning time, and it’s a time to reflect and decide to flourish. As we enter into the spring season, do a mental assessment of what you’ve accomplished in the first quarter. As you think about the next three quarters, what do you need to spring clean out? What do you need to invite in? 

Tip: Get out your 2018 Strategic Plan to help yourself assess. If you don’t have one yet, better late than never! Get started now.

P.S.  SEE ME LIVE: At 7pm on Saturday, March 24, I will be addressing the Institute of Ministry's graduating class at the Christian Retreat Center, 1200 Glory Way, Bradenton, FL.  This event is open to the public and you are invited to attend if you are in the area.