Speaking is the New Marketing

Speaking is the new marketing. In a world of algorithms, automation, and autonomous cars, it’s imperative to stand head and shoulders above the noise by presenting your thought leadership and your point of view. Here’s how to do it:


Every entrepreneur should learn that stories land clients, partnerships, and relationships. In the spirit of Steve Jobs, know how to communicate to your audience through the power of heartfelt stories about you, your brand, your product/service, or your message. When Jobs delivered the commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, he told three stories from his life that, strung together, made a powerful point to his audience. 


As you look to advance your cause, get your project approved or get a promotion, learn how to present your ideas or tell your story in the way that each person needs to hear it. In the next presentation you make inside your company, and that could just be coming to a meeting prepared to share your ideas, do some research about who may be in the room. Find a way to use a factoid or a piece of information that you’ve researched to connect with the people you want to influence. Think of yourself as a presenter on Shark Tank. When you look at what those individuals do, what causes the sharks to say yes is the story. 


Always remember: life is a series of conversations. The effectiveness of your conversations relies on you telling your story and presenting yourself in a very authentic way. Whenever you are submitting an idea, story, or problem, whether it is to your spouse, your child’s teacher, a book club, a volunteer task force, or anyone else you encounter, think of having a conversation with your best friend. How would you talk to that person about this idea or issue? Framing the conversation this way in your mind will relax you, and it will relax whoever you are presenting to.