3 Learning Bursts

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Happy New Year! As we enter 2018, here are three things I want to share with you this week.


I strongly encourage you to start listening to the podcast How I Built This. Not only will you be inspired by the stories of budding and successful entrepreneurs, but you’ll also hear about their failures, how they bounced back and how they kept going to create sustainable results. One of my favorite episodes is about Kendra Scott, a mom who built a successful jewelry and accessory business out of her house from the ground up.


Since it’s the beginning of the year, for those of you who are working in a place of business, 2018 is the year for you to see yourself as an intrapreneur. As an intrapreneur, I want you to work beyond what you’re paid to do. Remember, a paycheck is given to those who show up. Opportunities are given to those who work beyond what they’re paid to do. So, today, go to your supervisor or project manager. Ask them what you can take off their plate. Not because you are looking to gain brownie points, but because you are looking to learn beyond what they hired you to do.


Call the florist in your area and have a floral arrangement in your favorite color sent to yourself. The note should be signed, O’Brilliant One. When the flowers are delivered, and they’re sitting on your counter or your place of business, and someone asks you who sent you the flowers, tell them O’Brilliant One sent them. Sometimes you have to appreciate yourself, especially when no one else will.

Simon T. BaileyComment