Can an algorithm replace you?


This week, we're talking about analysis--analyzing your own and others' thoughts and behaviors. Here are your learning bursts...


Kindness is totally underrated. We read a lot about kindness, but common sense is not always common practice. All of us can stand to improve in this area. We are living in a society where everyone will benefit if we take an extra second to be kind. If you’re driving, let the other driver in. If you’re standing in line, be patient and understanding. Open the door for others, especially if they seem like they’re in a rush. Small acts of kindness go a long way in a time of tension.


I would strongly encourage individuals to move from a performance review to a monthly assessment based on how they are upgrading their skills. Continually ask yourself: can an algorithm replace you? And if it can, it’s time to upgrade your skills. Automation will find you and flatten you. Resources for self-improvement without spending much money are abundant. Learning, Tech Crunch, Coursera, etc. Read, upgrade, listen, and learn. Start reading about what’s happening in real time. Disrupt yourself before you’re disrupted. 


If you have more than 25 employees, you may want to consider investing in TinyPulse to identify key areas of opportunity and brilliance blockers. The software helps you get feedback to make cultural changes within the company. It has a dashboard that allows you to address problems more quickly—weekly and monthly versus annually. For example, I was with a company this past weekend in Philadelphia that has grown to 170 employees. One of the questions they ask in their employee survey is, “Does this environment invite different points of view?” Entrepreneurs have to ask this question.