What’s Your 2018 Strategic Plan?


Your 2018 Strategic Plan

You made it through 2017! As you reflect back on this year, ask yourself: how much of what took place in your life was by design or by default? 

As we enter into the new year, there are a lot of frameworks and templates you can use to design your 2018. I have found that the more complex and complicated the tool, the less likely you are to keep up with what you set out to accomplish. This year, try responding to these three prompts:

What is my 2018 financial goal? 

Whether you have a large goal, like buying a house or paying off a certain amount of debt, or a smaller goal, like setting aside a certain amount of money each month, make sure you can state the goal off the top of your head. It’s great to have a plan of execution to go along with it, just be sure the goal itself is something you can remember quickly. If you have to dig out a plan to remember the goal, odds are you’ll lose sight of it in your day-to-day living. 

What is my 2018 health and wellness plan?

This is an area where we all know what to do, we just don’t always know how to make ourselves do it. Spend some time thinking about your goals. Then think about your habits, tendencies, and past roadblocks or successes. You really want to think about the conditions that will help you be successful, and do your best to recreate those conditions as you pursue your health and wellness plan.

What is my 2018 life plan? 

Consider any other outstanding areas of focus. Are you growing a business? Do you need to strengthen or repair certain relationships? Is this the year you want to make a career change? Identify what your goals are, write them down, and then think about the kind of person you need to become to make those things happen.

You have the opportunity to design 2018 to be anything you want it to be. Make it brilliant.